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Commercial Offices Cleaning Services

For any office environment, regardless of the industry,

it is important to maintain an optimal level of cleanliness.


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Disinfection Service

Our TECHNOLOGICAL disinfection system can be performed at a residential or commercial level

Cleanland understands the urgency of keeping a sanitary safe space for all tenants and employees during these unprecedented times. Therefore, we are now offering service utilizing the machine electrostatic spray. 

This equipment is electrically charged, allowing the appropriate sanitizers, mold preventatives and disinfectants to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean.

We use products that Kill norovirus in just 4 minutes. Use of EPA registered broad spectrum disinfectants. We apply products that kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses *, fungi and molds, as well as Bactericidal, Virucidal *, Tuberculocidal and Fungicidal.

This service can be performed one-time only or on monthly basics.

It is very important that you: Disinfect, sanitize, clean and deodorize in ONE STEP with CleanlandUSA services.

Eliminate 99.9% of most allergens on contact. Our service Kills odor-causing bacteria. In addition to that it kills bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

We do not use abrasive and non-corrosive products. We do not use flammable products: we also do not use harmful chemicals. Our Products are Chlorine and Phosphate Free. All are formulated with patented technology.

The benefits of performing this service greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our cleaning routine and:

  • Reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces and hard-to-reach places by 50% compared to conventional methods
  • Improves infection control and the spread of viruses such as influenza, MRSA, COVID-19 and many others
  • Applies chemicals in a more efficient, controlled manner, eliminating the dangers of overuse.

We hope you consider adding the electrostatic spray to your service. This would greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of fighting germs and bacteria to keep a sanitary space for all tenants during high-alert periods such as the one we are living in currently.

We take care of Killing, destroying and eliminating household germs. We disinfect soft surfaces in just 2 minutes.




Corporate Cleaning

As of today, many organizations give prominence to the cleanliness of their office environment. How about you? Are you aware of the benefits of maintaining a clean office environment? Have you ever thought of investing in office cleaning companies? 

Although your office space may look clean, it can be hiding dust, dirt and grime in layers. Some organizations believe that occasional spring clean would be good enough. But that’s far from the truth. Every business requires the assistance of a commercial office cleaning company due to the following reasons. 

Commercial cleaning prolongs the life of your office equipment

Your office comprises of various valuable items ranging from electronics to carpets to furniture, doesn’t it? As long as you have the assistance of a Miami office cleaning professionals to clean that equipment regularly, they will last long. 

To maintain your business image

Your clients will be encouraged to be partnered with you if you can create a strong impression of your business. As they step in your office, the surrounding should be clean, well-organized and fresh. Think about yourself; do you prefer working with someone who has an ugly, smelly and dirty office? Can you ever rely on such a business who cannot maintain own cleanliness? 

So, start looking for ‘commercial cleaning near me’ now before its too late for your business. What you invest in such a service definitely delivers a plethora of benefits.

To preserve the optimal health of the staff 

If your employees have to work in a dirty office environment, that’s a serious health risk. Your office has plenty of equipment and utilities which are shared by dozens of individuals. Generally, these surfaces attract dirt and germs and eventually they start to spread various types of infections. So, to avoid all those health risks and make it a healthy environment for your employees, you must get the assistance of a professional cleaning service.

To maximize productivity

You should start searching for “office cleaning services near me” or “office cleaners near me” if you want to make your office a more productive environment for your employees. The state of the office uplifts the morale of the employees and gives them a prestigious feeling. They become motivated to work in a well-cleaned, healthy office. So, the overall productivity of the staff will increase significantly. 

Pressure Washer

Regardless of the quality of the services or products you sell, your office building should have a strong and clean physical appearance to impress your clients and motivate your employees. More importantly, a clean work environment reduces health risks as well. With that said, when it comes to assuring the external appearance of your office premises, every organization should consider getting the assistance of pressure washing services. 

The exterior of your building often gets exposed to various threats such as bird droppings, pollution, gum, grease, mildew, and dirt. Those things can cause a significant negative effect on the outer appearance of the roof, walls, sidewalks, windows, etc. In order to get rid of all those ugly marks and patches, you will have to hire a professional power wash house. 


Minimizes the requirement for repairs

Exterior cleaning services remove mold, algae and all the other potential substances from the exterior of the building. Apart from the obvious unattractiveness they deliver, they can cause serious damages to your building. If not, they can increase the severeness of damage that is already existing. 

To clean associated space

In addition to the walls, windows, and roofs, professional pressure washing near me can clean areas like sidewalks and walkways of the building to assure proper appearance. 

Promoting the health of the staff and prevent potential injuries

Removing pollen, pollutants, mildew, algae and bird droppings from a building is a part of exterior cleaning services. As a result, you can expect a healthier work environment. In addition to that, power washing services clean sideways, parking lots, walkways, etc. to prevent accidents like slips and falls. So, those are the benefits of hiring professional power washing services.  

A professional exterior pressure washing in Miami, FL includes cleaning and polishing of the building using different levels of water pressures, different water temperatures, and eco-friendly biodegradable detergents. Such a careful approach cannot be expected from a random cleaner and that is exactly why you should search for professional “power washing near me” now. A professional power washer will analyze the type and amount of dirt and deploy appropriate cleaning methods to address them accordingly. Apart from just removing the dirt and grime, a power wash house can assure you of some other benefits as well.

Improve the curb appeal of the building

Boosting the curb appeal of your building is one of the major benefits of hiring professional exterior cleaning services. When the building is power washed on a regular basis, the value of the structure of the building improves. The building will look newer and presentable. Clients will find your building to be a pleasant and encouraging place. 

    Minimizes the requirement for repairs

    Exterior cleaning services remove mold, algae and all the other potential substances from the exterior of the building. Apart from the obvious unattractiveness they deliver, they can cause serious damages to your building. If not, they can increase the severeness of damage that is already existing. 



    After Construction Cleaning

    Every office building undergoes some construction work at least once in a blue moon. One of the biggest problems you will face after renovation or construction services carried out in your office building is post-construction cleaning work. In general, after construction work, various types of debris can be found within the site and getting rid of those can be a really challenging task. Right after the completion of renovation work, the entire site appears wrecked with metal/wood/plastic/glass/fiber shavings, dust, etc. So, the best resort you should opt to is hiring professional construction cleaning services. 


    The work they perform include 

    • Dusting and vacuuming of the area completely without leaving at least a hint of dust. 
    • Scrubbing the post-construction site and ensure that the floor, walls and other relevant areas are completely fresh and clean. 
    • Dusting the ceiling pipes to ensure maximum cleanliness. 
    • Disposal of debris without causing any pollution. 
    • Cleaning of duct pipes and installation of the light fixtures properly. 
    • Sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom so they are completely free of harmful chemicals and dust. 
    • Performing thorough waxing and polishing tasks on the floor area and other required areas as required to ensure spotlessly clean appearance. 

    So, call us now and plan a perfect post-construction cleaning process. 

    Professional construction cleaning services are equipped with all the required machinery and tools to perform a perfect cleaning service. The best thing about remodeling cleaning services is that they have well-trained, skilled individuals to carry out precise cleaning jobs. In fact, handling construction debris should be done by a professional in order to avoid costly mistakes.

    What can you expect from professional remodeling cleaning services? Once the remodeling or construction work on your property is completed, you will be able to see plenty of disorganized things in a very unpleasant environment. The job of a professional cleaning service is to clean up all those debris and make the place a presentable one. They will ensure that you start the normal business operations as soon as possible and everything goes according to the way you planned.The dirty premises should be transformed into your office environment once again without leaving any ugly patches, debris, shavings etc. Everything must be ready for interior decoration team to begin work as soon as possible. This is exactly when the professional cleaners come into play. They will take care of the hard and intensive task of cleaning the building and make it suitable for business purposes. 

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